you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

oh happie days~
7:33:00 PM
Tuesday, December 28, 2004
bop to the top
yesterday was the first time in my life that i went shopping with my sis.. with no parents!!! i know that it's kinda sad but yeah, i never really could find the time or the money to do proper shopping. surprisingly though, we didn't even fight. at all. which was incredible. heck, i'll probably could have striked 4D! i mean, we sisters being nice to each other is pretty rare.

like once in 4 years. kind of like the olympics. hahah.

we first took a trip to nyjc to gauge how long i'll make it there from my house. an hour's ride later, we headed our way to orchard, armed with my dad's Nets card. bought a pair of comfy roomy jeans at $36.. a total bargain since most pairs cost more than $50. thank God for post-christmas sales. i know that you may want to be spared from the details so you may skip this part if you want to:

-headed to giordano. sis bought herself a chic black sling bag and a chunky beige "holey" belt that she's been eyeing for ages. and they gave out really nice shiny-shiny plastic shopping bags. should have headed back for more. could have used them to line the garbage can.

-walked around some more. went to OG, took advantage of the moving-out sale. they actually slashed prices up to 80%. got some really nice shirts at minimal costs.

-went to kino to buy books, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and Family Trust by Amanda Brown, the author of Legally Blonde. fantastic books.

here's where you may want to start reading.

while on our way to kinokuniya, i was suddenly struck by the idea that we should go and watch a movie. so we decided to invite our cousins along. however, someone [matin] protested against the fact that orchard road is too far from his house in choa chu kang which is absolutely not true. a few phonecalls, plates of chicken rice and a massive search of movie screenings later, we ended up in a cinema in Bukit Batok. (sorry fahrul, it was very last minute, we thought that you couldn't make it in time.) there was 6 of us in an incredibly long queue that literally stretched to outside the movie theatre. i'm not pointing fingers here but who's fault was that, hmm?? hahah..

while in the queue, we kept arguing about what movie to watch. after much deliberation (matin didn't stand a chance. he wanted to watch phantom of the opera, but the rest or us out voted him.. kind of like Survivor.), we decided upon Kungfu Hustle. That same person who argued thought it was a cartoon. Honestly. my other cousin [haris] talked about the plot of The Da Vinci Code while his brother [haqiz] made me stuff his potato chips, in my bag in his attempts to smuggle it in. he got scared for a while when he realised that they checked bags. for security reasons. luckily for him, they didn't.

we sat so close to the screen that i thought that my neck would be stuck in that abnormal position forever. firstly, it was because we had no choice. secondly, haqiz had left his already-broken spectacles at home so we also had to take care of a blind kid's feelings. poor guy. luckily the subtitles were big enough.

Kungfu Hustle was the best movie that i've ever watched. oh freak!!! It even beats The Matrix with its awesome special effects and the comic timing!! oh, and did i mention that the main character was positively drool-worthy? but seriously though, it really was such a great movie. i laughed so hard at one part that i almost pee-ed in my pants. just don't get front row seats like we morons did, make sure u get the middle. the special effects were like so.. erm.. wOw.

left the theatre with my mouth gaping open like a wet fish.

all 6 of us got into my dad's car. we managed to after much butt-squashing. must do that again. did wonders for my butt. finally got everone home in 15 minutes flat. got so tired that i showered blindly. missed Las Vegas. darn. it was a nice show judging from the pilot episode. despite all the nonsensical bikini shots. why do they show those anyway? are they like trying to attract perverts or something?

woke up really late this morning. read Family Trust. nice book. glad i bought it.

not going to Wild Wild Wet with mello, eunice and the rest tmr. my excuse? can't find my swimming costume. oh well. hope they had fun.

going to Sentosa on Thurs for an ex-primary 6S gathering. hope it'll be a fun fun day. oOh, maybe i'll learn how to kayak then!! coolness.

ps. consensus indicates that my singing is not that bad. :)

pps. strumming is still horrible, as usual.

honesty is the best policy