you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

til' next week.. :)
8:17:00 AM
Saturday, January 29, 2005
bop to the top
okay okay..i'm really sorry that i haven't really written anything these past few days.. for the whole of this week, i got home really late and by the time i got ard to showering, i'm too tired to even do any of my tutorials. thank goodness i don't take a-level maths or else i'll just be swimming under piles of tutorials.

monday ended kind of early so i went all the way to cck interchange to get my ez-link made. i think that the lady at the counter kind of got exasperated with me cos i kept saying "huh?" after each and every sentence that she uttered. she basically had to shout in my ear in order to compete with the roar of the bus engines in the background. realized that i didn't bring along my IC so i had to do it another day. urgh. wasted a perfectly good afternoon.

oh yearh, if u're wondering how the skit went.. it was okay. there was a few laughs here and there. i really liked how the rest presented their event. oh, the task was that we were supposed to pick an event that has made a great impact on the world/society in 2004. my grp chose Plastic Surgery. there were groups who did cool stuff like homosexuality, the opening up of China, lasik surgery, fast food and surprisingly, the govt policy "teach less, learn more". swee wei's grp did that topic and it was really an eye-opener for me cos the policy had affected us more than we thought it did.

oh yeah, has anyone ever wondered why we have china studies instead of india studies since india is fast opening up also?

er. moving on.

tuesday we had pe. my class was seriously dreading the things that we had predicted to be doing judging from the horror stories of our friends who had their pe on mon. the worse thing was that we can't skip the session if we wanted to cos it would probably involve the punishment of the whole class if the teachers found out and it's just simply too much trouble to explain our absence. fortunately, we were all pleasantly surprised when we were alllowed to choose what we're going to play. yayz! unfortunately though, my class chose netball- an incredibly irritating game with so many rules and restrictions that most of us who had objected violently, came to the conclusion that netball's for people who don't want to get hurt or to overwork any of their already oh-so-flabby muscles. i voted for touch rugby btw. got overruled. darn it.

i'm still fuming.

wed was cross-country. ran the fun race instead of the competitive one. i took such a leisurely time that at the end of it all, i realised that i wasn't as tired as i should have been.

during GP on thurs, almost half the class skipped it.
mr ho had to make do with the rest of us and played pictionary. in the end, both groups tied (i guess this proves the theory that great minds do think alike). mr ho didn't help with the tie-breaker much cos no matter how clear the drawings were, he was still clueless. it didn't help much that we thought that he looked too young without his goatee. he claimed that he shaved it off cos he had nothing better to do during half-time while he was watching soccer. that seriously didn't make any sense. at least to me.

the rest of the class came back for history tutorial to find out that since mr kellet had nothing to teach us, he told us to use the whole hour for lunch. we spent a lot of time trying to find space to play truth or dare, in the end, we picked the student lounge (something like The Hub in st. marg's but with the stinky shoes smell). it was fun with all of us there- except quanmin cos we didn't know where she disappeared to.

after that, it was eng tutorial. it was really fun cos we were laughing our heads off most of the time though, if u ask me why, i don't really know what for.

and then came pe. it's like torture. we were made to run abt 3 rounds round the track then, we were supposed to dash to the other side of the field and then dash back, all within 20 seconds. we had to do jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups and then, running one more round round the track. at that point of time, i realised that i had touch rugby an hour after pe, which was at ard 5pm. decided to buy some time so that i wouldn't really have to do the 4 rounds round the track that we had to do as warm-up for touch rugby, so i helped out the Chinese Cultural Society by helping them paint their banner. really had fun cos i managed to learn a bit of chinese and made a few friends. went back to touch rugby (had to run round the track anyway) and had fun with the training. too bad i could only go for training once a week.

yesterday (friday) was interesting cos my friend from myanmar to wore my polka-dots. i think that she was kind of embarrassed with the polka-dots cos she was wrapped up in her sweater until the last period which was lit. my tutor thought that she was seeing double.

went back to st. marg's to help out with guides. had a good laugh when the PLs tried to teach the sec ones the footdrills. got sprayed a few times with a water gun like as if my uniform isn't transparent enough. it was great fun cos i got to see nanz, serene and sam again. the funniest part was when van kang went to "extort" money from weiyi, thinking that she was a sec one when clearly she looks far older that that.


oh great.

my dad is accusing me of stealing the modem from his closet. have to return it. darn.

honesty is the best policy