you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

updates.. part 1
5:54:00 PM
Saturday, January 08, 2005
bop to the top
right then. you people may want updates on my orientation so far.. so. here goes:

Day One (monday) :

arrived at 7.

felt like i did something horribly wrong like i robbed a bank that morning and my pictures were plastered all over the school. i mean, it was like as if they never saw someone in polka dots before. got quite irritated.

managed by a stroke of luck to find Dian. luckily.

went into a very noisy hall filled with very noisy OGLs [Orientation Group Leaders]. lost Dian, but managed to find my way to the correct OG [10] and faction [IthOr]. it's a bit exhaustive to talk to people who only give one word answers and never elaborate on their answers. kind of irritating too. sat in silence for most of the duration. felt as if i would burst screaming. it is so NOT natural for me to sit in stony silence. (unless when i play snake on my phone, but that's an entirely different matter.)

luckily there were ice-breakers. i probably would have rotted if i stayed silent any longer. got to er.. demo some games. those games were probably the only highlight of the day. other than that, the whole day was filled with nothing but talks, talks and more talks. in the early morning, the principal gave a scripted speech (which to me was kind of weird because the late Mrs Caroline Lee never read to the script before because her speeches were mostly short, straight-to-the-point, on-the-spot speeches.) after the games, there was a uni talk and a subj combi talk. after that, it was just a debrief.

Day Two (tuesday):

went out to the civic district for The Quest, something like The Amazing Race but around the town area. took about 5 OG photos and some other stuff before batteries ran out. since we were already late anyway, our OGLs brought us to Burger King for lunch while the rest of the OGs "enjoyed" the canteen food for lunch. couldn't really pay attention to the faction elder when he told us what we're doing for the Chinese New Year celebrations. i think that all of us were suppose to work together to make a float.

can't really remember much after that cos my mind had gone to take a mini vacation in never neverland.

Day Three (tuesday):

definitely the turning point for the whole week.

the day started out with a PEARLS talk. it totally scared the hell out of me. i mean, at the rate at which the HOD of PE kept talking, it seemed as though that no one would be able to get any points into uni unless one is a student councillor or is actively competiting in a sport. kind of scary because the points are so important.

things took a nicer turn with the mass dance. firstly because it was held in the hall where it was really cool and comfortable. secondly, the dance was incredibly funn to learn, and thirdly, the best of all reasons, i didn't have to dance with a guy. hahahh. :)

the mass dance used the song Summer Sunshine by The Corrs. the song kept making its rounds in my head during lunchtime. faction time was really fun because we were all so hyped up after the dance so most of us shouted like lunatics. i could say that was probably was how we got the highest scores for cheering for the last few days.

and then my OG went off ro play some "WILD" station games. i could honestly say that my OG became one of the loudest OGs in our faction from that point on. mardiana [one of our 3 OGLs] was seriously so proud of us that she kept bouncing up and down and screaming like a crazy person whenever she or someone else says "OG10!!"

the cca bazaar was the last major activity for us J1s for the day. i went crazie. i mean, seriously insane. i went to sign up for 5 (yes, FIVE) different ccas:

1. Outdoor Activities Club (they do stuff like camping, hiking, canoeing, night cycling... really coOl stuff)

2. Judo (you should know larh.. kicking, punching, falling down, that kind of thing..)

3. Touch rugby (all girls by the way. and fazi, my senior, is inside!!! yay!)

4. Debate. i got psycho-ed in by mardiana.

5. Interact Club. (it's something like a CIP club. but then, i'm having second thoughts about joining it now.)

oh, by the way, signing up and actively participating in something are 2 very different things. i'm planning to try out each one to see which one i'm more comfortable with.

i'll update on the last 2 days tmr. having a terrible backache now. feelin' like a real amah now.


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