you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

8:57:00 AM
Monday, July 11, 2005
bop to the top
ceh. no solo night walk. scared over nothing.

camp overall was quite okay, kinda fun actually. personally thought that we learnt a whole lot.

in the first part of the morning, was really surprised when i saw my cousin, fahrul, was there too. my first thought was that he'll probably be laughing at me most of time while at camp. which i think he did for most parts. sigh.

we first took a little hike to Camp Christine, all 60 of us. was wearing my black-now-grey court shoes the whole time cos had no time to change. almost dieded from the blisters. immediately chucked them aside in favour of track shoes when we got to camp.

one of the ALs, the people who were in charge, gave me a damn heart attack, no sorry, heart attackS, when he kept screaming his head off at us. we were scolded like crazy when we took so long for inspection and flag break, with all our undies lying in the open in front of the flag pole which we were supposed to uh, give respect to. anyway, he purposely didn't give us clear instructions so that we'll be seen running ard
like insane morons while trying to complete his tasks. all this while, i've been wearing my venture uniform. with skirt. so yearh, it was kinda hard trying to run. i kept looking enviously at the girls who got to have pants as part of their venture uniform.

after that was over, we had to rescue someone from our patrol who was like "drowning" out at sea. i didn't get wet NOT cos i didn't want to get my uniform wet but, cos i didn't know how to swim and also cos i had intended to help the rescuer (arthur) when he dragged the casualty (darryl) nearer to shore, but darryl decided that he shld just walk to shore to spare us the trouble. the irritating part abt the whole thing was that the leaders made it seem as though we did wrong when we didn't as a patrol go all out in saving our casualty, which was kinda wrong since it'll increase the risk of more of us drowning instead of just 1 person. so us dry ones had to go dipping into the sea. and of course, my cousin had to sit there grinning at me from shore. sigh.

changed, headed off to lunch and had a series of lectures. the lectures were mostly quite useful for us year 1s cos they taught us how to conduct ourselves during meetings, how to act in presentations and how to write budgets and minutes in a clearer manner. they also taught us how to act as a unit in a professional manner
ard other units and junior scouts which i think was really impt. so yearh. dun think we were short changed at all. i was seriously trying not to doze off from the heavy lunch and the nice warm weather outside. was immediately woken up when we had to run ard a bit. damn. can't they let a girl be comfortable for once?

throughout the whole time, we were issued paper money to buy our meals and other stuff. and to earn more money, we had to do odd jobs. by the time dinner came (the food kinda sucks btw), my patrol was like the richest with 5k cos we did the most jobs. we actually went shopping buying chips and drinks - nourishments for the tiring task ahead, which was planning for this major proposal that would determine on whether or not we'll pass the course.

my patrol was supposed to come up with a proposal for a Bukit Panjang District exploration hike to bukit timah hill involving 15 cadet scout units. that's like 300 pri sch kids running ard in bukit timah. wah lao. bloody headache just thinking abt the number. mostly sat through the meeting with a dazed half-dead look on my face. finally finished at abt 2.30am in the morning. mind you, we had to wake up and assemble at 6.30 the next day. my goodness. i really din know how the bloody nonsense i managed to get out of the comfy double-decker bed.

as expected we were all 5 minutes late, which really wasn't so bad. what was bad was that i had to shout so early in the morning to give the time to the AL. irritating. like as if i was the only one with a bloody watch. was promptly woken up from my daze when we had to do PT. at least the running woke me up if not i'll probably be a walking corpse for the whole day.

we aquilla ventures got splitted up into two patrols since our representation was quite big. it was kinda funny trying to think of a cheer for our patrol, corazon, since most of us din even know how to spell it. the other aquila patrol, lions, got top marks for their grp cheer.. maybe it was also partly because the rest of us aquilas gave them power support. the auction was damn fun. we aquilas pooled whatever money we had, quite funny to see the other grps trying to keep up.

then came the proposal presentation. my patrol did good cos we were one of the 2 patrols to get top marks. poor arthur. he was usually able to project his voice but i guess he got mental block. the judges were kinda harsh on him, a bit unfair since we only had 1 min to speak, which was kinda constraining. i just rushed right ahead even when they said times up cause they can't really stop listening to what i'm saying anyway right? so wad the heck. i just continued rambling larh. sherman was pretty good during the q&a. he managed to create some cock and bull story abt how come we have a photographer in the exco. was seriously trying not to laugh.

so, summarizing, we packed, did flag-lowering, got our certs, had pics taken while the guys threw their berets and finally time to leave.

on the way to the bus stop, the guys took turns trying to piggyback stef cos she was hurt and had a bandage that looked like a cute little fishcake on her foot. and then the weather decided to start raining damn heavily. i think that we all probably looked like penguins with our canvas sheet and ponchos on. luckily though, a lorry full of venture scouts stopped to give stef a lift. they nicely came back for the rest of us unlike some people whom i shalt not mention right now. unfortunately, had to be helped up the lorry since i got the irritating skirt on that made it hard to lift my legs so high. interesting ride trying to hold on to elizabeth and thiri while in a half-squating position with the rain pelting on us, threatening to drown us if the lorry driver didn't drive fast enough.

so overall, had a pretty eventful weekend. don't think that i'll be able to forget the camp for years. can't wait for the national venture camp next year. hope that i'll get to go though.

oh yearh, didn't go to sch today cos got a stomach ache. must be from eating all those oranges from camp. my saviours. planning to eat more next time to get me off sch. hahahh. :)

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