you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

11:57:00 PM
Saturday, August 20, 2005
bop to the top
yesterday was really loads of fun. and kinda sad at the same time.

after school- went to Guides HQ in my yellow banana council jersey to buy enrolment badges for the soon-to-be enrolled guides with nanz and serene. in actual fact, we weren't supposed to buy them but somehow, the original 20 pieces that Ms Ho had erm.. "gone with the wind". afterwards, nanz bought a brownie while serene tried to get an eyelash out of her eye. in that order i think. hahahh. waited for over FIFTEEN minutes for the bus. but when the bus finally came, there was suddenly this sea of nanyang girls (no, not my sch.. the super smart cheenah sec sch) came swarming onto the bus. damn scary with all the reds and greens and yellows swarming the place. we decided to take a cab cos we thought we were gonna be late for the initiation ceremony. almost killed myself while trying to stop the taxi driver. BUT. when we arrived, it turned out that the whole thing was pushed back like an hour later. kinda irritated cos it's like $1.60 down the money drain (hey! i can do a lot with that money okayy!! like buy 3 50 cents ice-creams from macs with 10 cents to spare for emergency calls which i wld need one day.. so. i'm not stingy! just very thrifty.)

most of the old PLC had already arrived- mello (recovering from her "back-breaking" walk from hwa chong and kinda failed to tweetify her hair when she arrived.. what that actually means is seriously beyond me), bever (with longish hair tied by 1-yr-old mosquito), eunice (the 3-yr-old turned 1-yr-old mosquito), mellie (who's still taller than me and is in SA soccer! soccer rocks. yayness.), sam (who was instantly dwarfed when she sat next to mellie) and nithya (still looked very sweet. an extremely impossible look for me). saw weiyi (2 yrs my senior-01/02 CL) who kinda butchered her hair leaving this tuft of black on her head. sorry. that was really mean i know, but i really got a shock after seeing her with a ponytail only a few months ago. almost din recognise her but her very weiyi-walk gave her away.

ceremony went on fine. started out really slowly especially with the supposed horseshoe formation looking like a giant conical flask, followed by a triangle followed by what looked like a heart. Hilarious. But as a good senior, I didn’t laugh. I mean, not too obviously larh. The rest of us waited again for the ICF to start. Gateway was quite erm.. interesting with the hanging green paper which kinda propelled most of us to a scene from The Little Mermaid, and the squirting water at the juniors. Mellie was the only one who didn’t get wet, mainly because she held the most power- the almighty water gun. I didn’t really pay much attention to the rest of the Farewell cos firstly, I didn’t exactly understand the script, secondly, it’s not my farewell and thirdly, I paid more attention to what the rest of the PLC were talking about, mainly that mich owes all of us pizza cos she was the first among all of us to get attached (made a sacred PLC promise on the last reunion).

By the time we left, it was already almost 7 in the evening. All nine of us sang down the stairs from the hall to the general office to the gates. Kinda like going down a memory lane. After our annual guides campfire last year, all of us had camped in the general office singing long-forgotten songs and just talked and reminiscent about how far we’ve gone on with our lives with each other. This memory still leaves me teary-eyed because all of us realized at the same time how much each was to each other.

Sadly, gave our lingering hugs and goodbyes to beverly and nithya who couldn’t join us for dinner.

As usual, we screamed when the gate almost closed on us. We screamed again when we realized that the bus was coming. All 7 squeezed in the backseat of the bus. i was half-perched at the edge of the ledge. i think that it was kinda effective on making one side of my butt smaller. i should try that again next time but with the other side. Ahahh. Had fun trying to coax crushes out of mellie and nanz and sam.

Went to PS, which as usual, was damn crowded. Decided on Swensons cos the queue was relatively quite short. ordered a few dishes which we shared.. have to admit was still hungry that i went on to wipe the dip for the side dishes clean. The ice-cream came about 20 minutes late despite us informing the staff 6 times, must be because they were serving the huge group of hwa chong people at the other table first. Huh. Discrimination.

And so we talked. We talked about our crushes and our ambitions and made predictions on the number of children that we’ll each have. i have no idea why but they predicted that i’ll have a whole football team of kids and that i’ll manage a career at the same time while raising them. How i’m gonna do that is beyond me. i predicted that sam will have as many kids as me and that we’ll combine our kids together to form a soccer team. The rest of their kids will form a second soccer team and we’ll all go watch them play on Saturdays. Ahahhahh.. very nice picture that we’ll make. Successful mothers with their football teams in tow. But it could happen. ((: mello thinks that she’ll have a musically inclined-artist-ballerina daughter but i think that her first born would be a sporty, all-rounded boy. Mellie will probably have a couple of kids along with nanz. Serene would probably have 3. Eunice would have a little set of a girl and a boy. i think that she’ll be such great friends with them that they’ll probably think that she can easily be one of them. Oh man. Ohkayy. i’ll stop. think it’s kinda freaking out some people who are reading this. But it’s just so so normal for us to be open and talk honestly about such things to each other. God. I miss them already.

And life is a road and I wanna keep going
Love is a river and I wanna keep flowing
Life is a road now and forever
Wonderful journey

I’ll be there when the world stops turning
I’ll be there when the storm is through
In the end I wanna be standing
At the beginning with you.

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