you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

11:07:00 AM
Monday, September 05, 2005
bop to the top
finally. i completed my 1-STAR Kayaking Course! yearh, yearh, i know, why did it take me so long.. i really would have taken it much earlier but too many things cropped up so when an opportunity came, i grabbed it. like literally. a low-down on what i've been doing this past weekend:

woke up blardy early at 4.30 just so that i could make it to Changi Prison in time for the Yellow Ribbon Project. the shuttle bus service was incredibly slow but at least i made it. kinda hyped up about it especially after watching the advertisement for the umpteenth time that morning and humming the advert tune "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree" under my breath that day. watched a couple of performances. one was by this Aerobics group. was really amazed to see middle-aged ladies moving so fast.

met sylvia, jia wen and jia ying; walked the Walk with them. the whole walk eventually flagged off at about 9.35am, which meant that most of the participants had waited from 8am that morning. the 3.5km journey which usually would have taken abt 30 mins to complete, took 1 whole hour because the crowd moved at an excruciatingly slow snail-pace. the irony here is that when we got to the FREE Goodie Bags booth, everyone rushed like crazy to get their bags. sigh. ugly singaporeans. i was like being pressed, pushed, shoved in the middle of this huge mass of strangers who were simply too close for comfort. and the tension level was running incredibly high. there was this woman behind me who was blabbering about the "stupid organisers". well, let's see her organise such a huge event shall we? also, there was another woman across from me who kept complaining non-stop about the heat, and the huge throng of people and even went out of the line to scold the poor hapless man who was handing out the bags as fast as he could. i later saw her sitting on the ground, blocking the footpath with her pri-sch son, emptying out the goodie bag on the ground in front of her, stuffing her face with the free piece of cake. talk about inconsiderate.

rushed to Kallang for my Kayaking Course. came in time for lunch. really enjoyed learning about the different strokes and trying to navigate the 2-man kayak with zi jie. came back home abt 2 shades darker.

rested for an hour before going to a family gathering at my aunt's place. met most of my cousins whom i haven't met for so long. such a fun-loving, crappy bunch of people. happy. :)

woke up slightly later but was the first to arrive at the Sea Sports Club in Kallang. this time, i manouvered a 1-man kayak. hard at first but there was more freedom of movement since i was controlling the craft alone. kept turning the kayak around in circles while practicing my Draw and Sweep Strokes. was forced to do the capsize drill for more than 3 times. i swear, i still have seawater stuck in my ears. i think David, who was instructing the 9 of us, had psychoed me to actually ENJOY capsizing, that it was actually FUN. craziness. completed the course. tired but happy.

went home. half an hour later, went out to eat with my parents and sis. met a few of my cousins again. talked a lot of crap. joked around. ate like a whole lot.


my parents commented quite recently that i treated the house like a hotel- i'm like in school for most of the day, and they dun see me except til late at night when i would probably already be snoring in my bed. and the whole routine repeats for the next day and the day after that. terrible really. i'm like working as hard as my parents except that i dun get paid for my efforts, maybe perhaps my pocket money with which i mostly use to pay a group of loansharks cunningly disguised as my class subject reps.

and also. how do i describe myself in 1 word? i dun think anyone could actually do that for me. i show so many different sides of me to different people that it's even getting quite hard for me to define who i am simply as myself.

i'm getting a blardy headache. i think too much.

honesty is the best policy