you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

11:05:00 PM
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
bop to the top
i've realised that i've never been able to take to compliments easily- i'm always ALWAYS surprised when someone gives me one. and cos of that, i wouldn't be able to accept it graciously or pretend to be all bashful and gush over it when i really am not. as a result, the same few kind-hearted people would probably think that i'm just this snobbish irritating perfectionist. but what the heck. i dun have a high expectation of myself; it's because i have such a low one that i'm always surprised.

so. don't be offended if i sometimes just keep silent and not acknowledge the compliment. it's just that i could never bring myself to.

ultimately, it is my decision. but i'm just afraid of what the outcome might be.


honesty is the best policy