you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

if great times could last forever.
2:22:00 PM
Tuesday, May 23, 2006
bop to the top









my left collar feels empty now whenever i reach up to touch it. i'ld usually expect to find the Council badge there but instead, there's just this empty space with holes, marking where the badge used to be. gosh. who ever knew that such a small piece of metal could ever make such a difference?

like what Sweez said the other day, our badges, our responsibility, probably seemed so light because there were so many other councillors who helped to shoulder the burden. and he's right. he's just so right.

to the 28th,
thank you so much for your support, especially during Council Camp. i think both CZ and me really appreciated the fact that you guys were behind us throughout the whole time and gave us really constructive comments that helped us to improve the way we do things. also, thanks so much for the memories. all the events that we went through actually showed me what the terms 'organizing' and 'teamwork' was really all about. thanks for the fun moments (orientation! cross country!!), the sad moments (today. sigh.), going through disappointments, anger, tears and even achievements together. i think without council, my life in nanyang would have been so empty. if not for council, i would not have the chance of meeting the most enthu, craziest and the most willing to sacrifice-personal-stuff-for-the-sake-of-the-students in Nanyang. you people have made my college years so much more colourful and allowing me to get to know you so much better. THANK YOU!! ;)

to the 28th Aesthec,
you guys ROCK!

(i know i see you everyday in class but what the heck.. hahahh) aesthec head!! whoohoo! really, without you and your AEP skills, the comm would have painted really really REALLY ugly banners.. ahahh.. thanks so much for being so approachable and uplifty and cheery and just plain crazie!! really wouldn't know what we'ld do without you! thankies!!

oh, and you owe us a treat. hee-

wei jun: Aesthec Vice-Head!! u kept us smiling all the time and always reminded us not to digress whenever your twinnie is in her blur, siao mode.. you and canz are really a great pair of leaders and i really love the fact that u guys could gel so well together.. ahahh.. thanks for all the hugs and encouragement and making all of us sing along whenever u suddenly burst out singing .. oh and thanks for being such a great O2 Chairperson, handling all the stress and stuff AND making O2 such a great success!! i feel really priviledged to have been in the same O2 Adhoc as u! u totally ROCK girl!

cleo: Aesthec Secretary! i have no idea how you could ALWAYS jot down minutes so well and accurately and super damn fast even when the rest of us keep throwing around ideas and talking cock during meetings.. ahahh.. and being so cheery and always so ready to help and to take initiative.. oh and thanks also for being such a wonderful Creative Comm head for teachers' day adhoc! whoo!!

nadz: NADZIRAH BAHAROM. hahah. i'll never get tired of saying ur full name out loud. and as Aesthec Treasurer, u certainly did a great job of playing the loan shark role and forcing us into guilt in order to make us fork out money.. heh. and even though u always bug us for money, we love u all the same. thanks for always speaking ur mind abt everything and being so brutally honest. oh and thanks for all the mugging sessions we used to do while waiting for council meeting to start. i hope we'll have more mugging sessions. ahahh. thanks for everything!

sweez: da cool one. ahahh. what more can i say? u always manage to entertain us during meetings, always giving ur 'wise' and witty comments and ah, teaching the rest of us how to smoke through when stuck in times of crisis (like what to do when kellet is on ur case). oh, and always so dependable in keeping a steady head during events like when u were PR Comm head for Mrs Ho's Farewell adhoc.. please just stay as u are.. don't change okay? ahahh..
btw, all the best in ur love life. hehehh.

van: VAN TAN CAN. the person who'll probably grow up to be the wife of a super rich er relatively handsome (hahah) guy in the near future.. never fails to make me laugh out loud with her antics and super sarcastic jokes and gossip.. and thanks for doing such a great jobs with the council shirts even with that short time that u had and all the trouble of dealing with the shirt uncle. thanks so much for making council so so entertaining and making some things just plain funny. and really, thanks for all the great work that u did getting all the OGLs details when u were the PR Comm head for O2 adhoc. thanks girl! and like sweez, please dun change ur funky ways.. i love u as u are.. :)

zhiming: could always count on u to give super long sms-es of encouragement.. ahahh.. and for being the loudest councillor during cheering sessions.. though u were stressed out over ur studies, i really hope that u had a fulfilling time in council and i'm sure that u've learnt a lot of lessons along the way, especially when u were the Logis Comm head for O2 adhoc. u're a really great guy and i hope that u'll continue to improve urself even when council term ends. Jia you! and dun get too stressed.. not too good for ur poor brain cells. hehehh. gonna miss seeing ya around especially since u're in the science fac.. all the best man :)

pen: i hope u stop growing. i feel so dwarfed whenever i stand beside u. ahahh.. our cheer coordinator.. i think that u grew more towards ur job as the council term wore on for we heard more of u towards the end of council term.. hope u learnt a thing or two about how to set up a campfire pit during council camp hahahh.. thanks for helping to get the campfire stuff from the schools.. oh and do help thank ur dad again for me.. such a great help. thanks for letting me know u better and study hard for ur exams hor.. dun play so much.. XD


to the 29th Aesthec, i hope u guys would be as close-knit and as strong or even stronger team than the 28th Aesthec. we've learnt so much along the way and we hope that u'll be able to do ur jobs to the best of ur abilities. i think the banner looked really great at the investiture today. do the ur Aesthetican seniors proud okay? love ya loads and all da best for ur council term ahead.

to the 29th,
savour the journey of being a councillor. because no other experience would be able to replace it. and treasure and appreciate the moments that u have with ur fellow councillors. all too soon, it might be ur turn to step down. so grab every opportunity that u get. all the best dears and i've told u guys before in council camp and i'll tell u this again: remember that u guys have the potential to do so many great things, not only for urselves but also for ur council and and the students whom u're ultimately working for. i wish u a great and fruitful term ahead. :)

and finally,

to the council teachers:

2 words-

thank you thank you thank you for all ur support and encouragement and daring to believe in us. love you all. ;)

whew. i hope i covered everyone. been sitting here in front of the comp since investiture ended 3hrs ago.

up to the sky we believe in each other
gone were the times we called ourselves strangers
we made a difference, now more than ever
we are the 28th

honesty is the best policy