you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

spending time like water.
11:28:00 AM
Monday, June 19, 2006
bop to the top
went to my auntie's house yesterday for a 'presentation'. turns out that there was this demo demonstration of some company's products.. in their attempts to sell them to the rest of us. with all of the presenters' mostly ultra bogus claims, it was hard to keep a straight face:

-weird logic 1: "why buy Colgate toothpaste which is like 80% water and that there are small unseen 'particles' which cause the bleeding in your gums which you sometimes get when you brush your teeth? our toothpaste X is more concentrated with 100% paste and there are no damaging particles."

what the nonsense larh. to make paste is by adding water right? so your so-called 100% paste is the same as every other ordinary toothpaste in the market. oh, and if Colgate was so 'harmful' all of a sudden, then shouldn't the health ministry have banned it by now? oh and bleeding in the gums is usually because of brushing too hard or that you really have a problem with your gums and NOT cos of 'particles' in your toothpaste. like hello? if you want to con people, please con logically.

(my mom bought Colgate that morning. talk about ironic.)

-weird logic 2: "when i put this hard-to-remove Kiwi Shoe Polisher paste on my hand and spray a bit of our X cleaning liquid and wipe it with a cloth, the stain is easily wiped away."

dude. nothing stays permanent on your skin except for moles and tatoos and burns. now if you talk about that just-created stain on that cloth of yours, that's a different story.

-weird logic 3: "just put a FEW DROPS of our X detergent and you would have enough for a full load of clothes."

oh man. my mom puts in Dynamo plus more detergent powder PLUS Clorox and fabric softner into our washing machine on a daily basis. what makes you think that a few drops is enough?


so basically, the whole afternoon was kinda wasted in a sense (the rest of my cousins had fun dissing the presenters behind their backs.. at one point, one of the presenters started using terms that one would find in an economics textbook in spite of the fact that the audience consisted of mainly my aunties and uncles who speak mostly Malay and won't even comprehend what he just said. like hello? if he had to go through PW, he'ld probably fail in his oral presentation cos he didn't even consider his audience's scope and didn't even manage to capture most of their attention- spied one of my uncles falling asleep on the couch while pretending to massage his oh-so-aching-even-though-i've-been-seating-the-whole-time legs).

i thought that the only part worth my time about the whole thing was when we celebrated my cousin's birthday (Happy belated Dini!) and that i got to meet my cousins, aunties and uncles again which is ALWAYS enjoyable.


[oh and another thing, what's wrong with helping your school promote itself by wearing it's merchandise? i mean, SA has it's shirts and shoe bag while AC has almost everything under the sun stamped with it's logo. (i think if it had a choice, it'll probably issue stamps to it's students to stamp everything on the island. heez. no offense) i mean, no one has a problem with people wearing it all the time. it should be the same with other schools' stuff too- without receiving that stigma that the sch's 'low-class' or that you have way too much of school shirts and stuff.

just a point. not that i'm fuming or irritated or anything like that.]

yesterday's matches- Japan vs Croatia, Brazil vs Australia- were so darn disappointing. the first match was just a dismal draw.. so many chances yet.. sigh (the goalkeeper accidentally letting the ball roll over his foot and almost into the open net was a real, and probably the only, heart-stopper). and the Brazil-Australia match wasn't any better either.. i mean, the first few minutes were really great with Brazil scoring.. and then it got so boring that I fell asleep. managed only to wake up in time during the last ten minutes when Brazil scored it's second goal.

i think the best match that i've watched so far was the Argentinia vs Serbia and Montenegro match.. i went to bed happy with the 2nd goal (out of the 6 that Argentina scored) cos the footwork and passes (24 passes) were just so satisfying that it made me hopeful that the beautiful game is still in good capable hands.


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