you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

there she goes.
11:18:00 AM
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
bop to the top
before i start.. would just like to mention that i share my room with my sis which thus accounts for half (if not, most) of the mess in the room..

anyway, i cleaned my room yesterday!!! it took me the whole darn day [with my sis being SO HELPFUL by sprawling on the bed the whole time] but what the heck, the room feels better and it smells better too [ahh.. the miracles of Dettol (: ]. all the stuff under my bed is gone (mostly) and i've FINALLY gotten rid of my sec school stuff- all my dreaded maths, phy, chem, bio stuff have all but disappeared *dances* oh, also changed the sheets.. felt like changing the curtains too but my mom would probably kill me cos she was saving the new curtains for Hari Raya (it's coming in Oct, can you believe it?! it'll be in the middle of my prelims. this will be such a sad year. oh wells)

and why this sudden overhaul? i woke up early morning yesterday all geared up to study King Lear, complete with my red soccer jersey and shorts (maybe it was the redness that spurred me.. my dad really thought that i was gonna go play soccer) and then just as i was about to sit down to start, i realised that i couldn't find my notes cos apparently, they were all buried under piles and piles of other notes. and on top of that i felt that the messiness of the room had to stop right there and then. so then, tadah.. new clean room. even threw out one of my drawers that held my books and stuff cos i reasoned that the more space i had, the more excuse i would have to hoard stuff in the room.

ok. so now i have the wardrobe to tackle. and my sister's stuff, if she actually let me touch them in the first place that is.

this sudden burst of energy of course would cost me.. was too tired to watch the full live match between australia & japan yesterday.. fell asleep like in the 60th minute or something.. totally missed the 3 goals scored by australia. basket. my sis was repeatedly trying to wake me up but i guess i dozed off the moment she left me alone. thank goodness for replays though.

oh, btw, begging works. if you beg long and hard enough, it'll irritate the hell out of the person you're begging to and eventually you'll get what you what. unfortunately though, this can only work for about oh 3 times before the person would finally put his or her foot down.

for example:

my dad was totally against me going to the campfire last sat cos he didn't want me to participate in any Venture activities after Group Camp in Desaru. but oh man, did i beg. i begged on our way to JB last friday along the causeway, i begged when we were eating at Kenny Rogers (oh man, the chicken was lip-smacking finger-licking super duper damn nice) and i pathetically begged again on our way back to Singapore. see 3 times. and did it work? like duh.

got to meet my jamboree mates again.. saw faridah (she's a Cub Scout Leader now!! wahh.. i'm so jealous.. she gets to see little kids ALL THE TIME.. hehh) and ahmad (great emcee-ing.. really got the crowd going) and azri (his troop won Best Supportive.. not really a surprise there :D ) and ian and marc and victor (and the list goes on).. and i met new people- the ultra insane Unicorns who just made me laugh out loud with their antics in an oh-God-what-are-they-gonna-do-this-time kinda way. and oh i met Harris, a Condor Scout who's really friendly and just as crazy as his Unicorn brothers. hahs. great guy.

though there were only four of us from Aquila Ventures, i really had a good time. (:

probably my last campfire in a long time.

so thus concludes the power of begging and how it can pay off in the end.

my sis says that i'm ugly in my photos. such an ego-burster larh that girl.


i'm like a bird
i'll only fly away
i don't know where my soul is
i don't know where my home is.

-nelly furtado


you danced with me in the moonlight
and i found my theme
like roses bloom
you inspire me

- Let Go, Waking Ashland
[thanks for da song faith! :) ]


a case of squeezing too many random thoughts in one entry.

honesty is the best policy