you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

unbelievably inconceivable
6:35:00 AM
Sunday, July 23, 2006
bop to the top
White Stag campfire yesterday was super fun with wei hao and yi zhin.. and yearh, i guess i kinda agree with yi zhin that it was partly cos of the fabulous company- the incredibly entertaining HOUGANG RANGERS! led by ahmad and desmond who were seriously full of crap.. my cheeks were hurting really bad by the end of only the first half of the cf- all cos i was laughing so damn hard. and yes yz.. the 'cute cute guy' is really 'cute cute'.. ahahh. oh and we got to take pics with Hong Kong Scouts! but too bad i had nothing to trade their super nice scarf and badges with though.. oh well.

i thought that the way the White Stags' arranged the campfire songs were really different but somehow, it was appropriate. the emcees were really good cos they managed to keep the cf under control- for the first time at any campfire, i actually understood the skit. but there was this particular emcee that i would have loved to kill.. he sang too darn s-l-o-w-l-y and most, if not all, of the emcees sang too darn low for yz and me. so we started singing super low also. hurhur.

oh and the item by east spring scouts and guides was really something i hadn't seen before. i mean it was this simple but pretty cool dance item which somehow morphed into a street-performance, complete with drums and stuff- kinda reminded me of Storm, but with proper musical instruments. if only i had pictures..

at the end of it all, Steady Wolf (wah! "You're the one, you're the champion, you will always be no. 1, STEADY WOLF!") gave his little story about these 3 birds who kept saying that they should go 'jalan-jalan' but never did (actually the story was kinda longer than that.. i just had some practice summarizing it to yz during the cf). so basically the moral of the story (i think) was that action speaks louder than words. i wasn't sure what else he said cos i was distracted by the rangers who were playing around with the souvenir which was this tiny sword and shield- pretty nice actually but too bad wh, yz and me were VIPs so we didn't get no nothing.. wharh.

oh oh! and marc slimmed down! by a lot! i almost couldn't tell that it was him when he was playing this disguised damsel-in-distress/the-guy-who-runs-around-in-circles during the skit (i think the costume made him look slim. -shrugs).

and of course, wh HAD to find a way to embarrass yz and me by making us do our venture cheer in the really full canteen.. oh GOD. i really couldn't stop laughing. raur. what possessed him to decide to do the cheer (and in front of so many people) is beyond me.


on the way back home on the bus (after i left wh at the mrt), an incredibly rubbish thing happened. there were these 2 guys who were sitting behind me and i think one of them had too much to drink or something and said that he had to puke. so they pressed the bell and got to the door, throughout the whole time, the poor guy was covering his mouth trying to contain the vomit. but just one second BEFORE the door actually opened (i dunno why the bus driver drove so slowly exactly at that point of time), whatever that he was trying to contain, spewed all over the exit steps. the smell was like OMG. INCREDIBLY REVOLTING. thank goodness he didn't spill all over me (he WAS sitting right behind me). but the worse thing was that the bus was really crowded and there was this couple who was standing beside my seat and everytime the guy opens his mouth to talk to his girlfriend (which was A LOT of times), there would be this stale cigarrete stench that just HAD to envelope around me. and in combination with the vomit stench.. you can just imagine what i was being tortured with.

but somehow, i managed to sleep through the rest of the journey. i guess my sleepiness triumphed over that really horrible stench. (hooray for sleep!)

actually, come to think of it. if i could sleep through that, i could sleep through almost anything!



one more racial harmony day photo. probably one of my favs.

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quanmin! i still want the photos where we all seduced you! ahahh.


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