you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

hold on to that thought.
6:35:00 AM
Sunday, October 15, 2006
bop to the top
my sis and i haven't been talking ever since 2 nights ago after a horrible horrible argument involving lots of screaming, martial arts moves and catapulting huge amounts of rubbish at each other. man. the house has never been so damn quiet.

it's unnerving.



so farewell assembly on fri was kinda bittersweet. the councillors sat together for the last time and were being our usual crappish selves, making fun of all the speeches, LOUDLY, as usual. oh God. the worst speech that i've EVER heard in my entire LIFE was the Valedictorian's. he's this egoistic chauvenistic moron who thinks that he's just received the Academy Awards or something and started putting on this insanely dramatic show of thanking everyone, and i do mean EVERYONE, only probably just short of his dog. oh and he started thanking the previous principal, Mrs Ho, who was NOT EVEN THERE for goodness sakes, for all her 'hard work' in the school (like who the blardy hell cares?) and started making fun of our current principal, Mr Kwek, which was just plain rude and distasteful especially coming from a 'valedictorian'. the WHOLE hall was in an uproar just listening to his speech. i mean, a lot of us could think of at least 3 other better candidates who'ld be able to represent the cohort 254298 times better than that idiotic joker.


anyway. moving on.

as i was sitting among the councillors, i started thinking. i realised that the best part abt being in council wasn't cos of the 'cheering' that we had to do (which are all, in my opinion, mostly nonsensical, forced, just incredibly embarrassing since only a handful would join us, and that's only on good days), but it was more of the organising behind-the-scenes stuff for every event that we did, from teachers' day to O2, that was really more worthwhile since that truly bonded us. in the beginning of council term last year, right after investiture, i was like "Dang. How the nonsense did i get elected?". and now, if you ask me again, i'ld say that "I wish council term wouldn't end."

Honestly, i never thought that i would grow attached to the school, just like i did in St Marg's. but in 2 years, i guess you can say that the sch grew on me. sure there wasn't much of a "Nanyang Spirit" but it was the people whom i met that truly gotten me through the years & had thought me a lot abt myself.

i met a whole bunch of people whom i'm sure we'll be friends for a super long time and teachers who, without a doubt, i'ld still remember 20 years down the road with all their quirkiness: Mr Chong with his absent-mindedness & that waterbottle of his & his horrid monotonous voice during GP;
Mr Kellet, my first (and probably not the last) ang-moh tutor who reads out word-for-word his powerpoint slides during euro hist lectures & his blue-eyes which i think the word 'piercing' should originate from, & the many many 'rumours' surrounding his you-know-what;
Mr Tan & his beloved Manchester United, where their performance in last night's match would determine our grades;
Mrs Tay who teaches econs with a naggy but we-know-she-cares type of manner;
Mrs Gan who has a sophisticated air abt her and whom we could always rely on to give sound advice;
and Ms Victor, with her blurness and kookiness in doing the simplest things like teaching, and her vain attempts at trying to "bond" the class.

oh. and the class. my class. i probably could rattle off all 23 names at a moments' notice cos really, they're all unique. not one person in 05A1 is alike. sure there are distinct cliques but i somehow managed to get along with most just fine. i guess we all kinda grew (ah. that word again) to like each other in the end. and the many nonsense out-of-the-blue talks & scandalous gossiping & bitching sessions in the canteen and discussion rooms helped too. hahahh.

nyjc really isn't so bad after all.

funny la.

honesty is the best policy