you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

working life- updates
3:34:00 AM
Friday, February 02, 2007
bop to the top

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my comp from the printing room- too close for comfort.

so my computer now is facing towards the printing room which is bad cos i keep peeking over my shoulder to see that no one's peeking over MY shoulder when i go do non-work related stuff like msn etc etc. well. i HAVE to since what i've been doing these past few days is mostly data entrying all the info on ALL the scouts in ALL the areas/districts into the new online registration database, taking up most of my computer time which, trust me, gives a lot of brain & eye pain.

bah. horrid system.

so. if u have problems with ur data when u go online to register 5 Feb onwards, please be oh-so-kind as to edit ur own particulars urself. please do NOT call the HQ. or please do NOT call me & blame me if the data is like salah. i still have at least 2 whole areas (that's equivalent to abt at least 2000 more units, not including the 1000+ that i just did today) to go. At least SA Orion cub/scout/venture/rover units are kinda done. :)

oh. and my desk has become one mini snack bar cos i have the tendency to go hungry while working so i have loads of sweets and biscuits on my desk so everytime anyone in the office suddenly feels hungry, all they have to do is go up to my desk and choose whatever's on display. pple kept saying that they now feel well-fed when they come down to the hq. haha. but i think by the time the week's over, i'll probably clear my own stash on my own. oh man. i think i'm gonna be fat fat FAT. especially with all the functions. you're gonna see me rounder than alastair at the end of the month. Boo. and i, of course, have to delude myself into thinking that all the food is acting as an insulation against the freezing air-con which happens to be right on top of me. haha.

working on the organisation level and on the unit level (which is kinda what i'm doing now though on a micro scale) are just two very very diff things. for pple on the unit level, they are lucky in a sense that when all the very tedious admin stuff is done, they get the final product and what some of them do when things cock up a bit is to COMPLAIN. actually the pple who complain the most are not the scouts themselves but their teachers/leaders who, in certain schools, think that it's mandatory to "check with the HQ first" and if they get a diff info- COMPLAIN. ahh. well. some people are like that. i have been really trying to keep my temper. after this job, if i decide to take on some telemarketing job, i think i'll probably be quite pro sia with dealing with irate customers who don't seem to think that my answers are ever enough. like i said, OH WELL.

and gee. surprise surprise. not all trouble lie within walls of the building. more like way way waay above it. shhh.

kena blasted quite a number of times this week and all for nothing. it seems i keep getting info late so it seems i'm unprepared when i'm not. i think that they sometimes forget that i'm new (only 3 weeks into the job liao and it already feels like forever.) so they assume that i already know most of the stuff that they themselves know. bad bad baad assumption. why does advice, ie. telling me what i did wrong/should have done/could have done/must have done instead, even when it's in a nice way, make me feel so damn horrid and to put it simply, inadequate?

and i didn't know that there was another meaning to the words "chicken" and "duck". and all this time i always thought they were just farm animals.

half my pay is gone and i'm not exactly too sure how. i haven't even spent the money on proper shopping yet and boy, do i have a whole checklist of what to buy/get/do. i gave some money to my parents, grandpapa, sister, on food, transport. then poof. money gone liao. haiya. and have to fund my own driving lessons soon. darn. and i thought i might be able to save some money to go backpacking. :(

so rover investiture is coming up. on the same day i have a much-needed outing with my PLC girls. haiya. choices choices.
i myself still don't know whether i should continue as a rover. no, it's NOT cos i wanna go for the outing (which in fact i really REALLY do but that's besides the point) i've seen first hand how both systems work. there are both pros and cons to both i know but i now can't help but be cynical and look at things albeit more critically.

and yes, i guess Hui Kang (the guy from APR Jamb who had my job previously) was partly right. i am getting tired of the whole scouting thing. which is probably why i keep telling myself that what i'm doing is for the boys and not for all the bogus leaders who keep calling our hotline at odd hours of the day. the fact that the office 'closes' at 7pm does not deter some to call after that. whatever la. taking calls. haiya. must be a team player mah.

oh man. Jobweek later on is gonna probably be like hell sia. bah.

for the scouts.. for the scouts.. for the scouts..

it's 4.30am now. was tossing and turning an hour ago before deciding to go online.
feeling sleepier now.


nights all. :)

honesty is the best policy