you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

steaming moons.
2:02:00 PM
Friday, January 11, 2008
bop to the top

things that make me happy.



3. LESS painful module bidding this sem

4. my sister actually BUYING a birthday cake for little old me.

5. watching Across the Universe with some of my favourite people

6. FRONT on Arts Central

7. rainy days. and cats.
preferably not together.

8. reading Sarah Dessen's The Truth About Forever for the 983746329 time.

9. corny but sweet Disney classics.

10. crying over Yasmin Ahmad movies.

"i wish i had a straw so i could eat the stars one by one."
"why not just shovel them all in your mouth?"
"because it's such a waste to eat them so quickly."
"and how about the moon?"
"i think the moon would taste nice if we steam it. like a big white bun."

honesty is the best policy