you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

on how to eat the moon.
4:05:00 AM
Friday, July 18, 2008
bop to the top
while lying on their backs to the night sky..

eun chan: I want to suck the stars out of the sky with a straw and eat them.
han kyul: (Laughs) Why don't you just shove them all into your mouth?
eun chan: It's a waste to eat them all at once.
han kyul: Then how about that? (Points at the crescent moon) How are you going to eat the moon?
eun chan: Well first, since it's half full, I'll wait until it's full figured. After that, I think it'll be delicious if I steamed it.
han kyul: You're lucky if you're gonna eat all of that.

-Coffee Prince, the 1st Shop

honesty is the best policy