you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

"nooo la. they're not satellites! they're STARS"
7:41:00 PM
Sunday, February 15, 2009
bop to the top
so. a crappy week ended up in a pretty nice weekend. vday eve was spent laughing at shuwen's funny smses about couples in the lib photocopy room and her entertaining but gross i-want-to-get-close-to-foreign-boys classmate. and then the PLC had our traditional singles vday outing, this time at botanical gardens!! romantic? er. if a group of rowdy girls disturbing the peace of smooching in the dark couples is your idea of romantic, then ummm sure. :D



eh. and when are we ever gonna have a cousins' movie thing ah?


and my mother has found that throwing things at us is more effective than screaming. i just hope she doesn't pick up anything heavy.

honesty is the best policy