you just might make me believe

what's your mode of transport?
mine is the sun.
when it rises dripping from
the sea when it falls like honey on
the trees when it swallows up
clouds my soul moves with it.

mine is you.
when you lift your eyes
when you look straight ahead
when you try to speak my
heart moves with you.

sociological jargon
6:15:00 PM
Friday, April 24, 2009
bop to the top

(OMG. SC3219: sexuality in comparative perspective!)
the Aware saga

1. "saga" sounds so Star Wars. ST needs to be more creative- NKF saga, Ren Ci saga, En Bloc saga? like hello, enough already. how about drama-cumulating-on-dynastical-epic-proportions-based-on-fallacy-of-misplaced-scale? ok. maybe too long. but anything but the 4-letter word, please i beg you.

2. is it an organisation filled with women or one FOR women? if it's FOR women, i don't see why men can't join to vote in advocating for women's rights. ANYONE can be a feminist too as long as they support equality for all.

3. since it's FOR women, i also don't see the apprehension on aware's previous stance on pro-homosexual rights- i mean, lesbians and transvestites (kinda) are women too, their voices should not be maligned. it's unfair to say that aware was only focused on issues of these "minority" groups- i know for a fact that they worked on eliminating violence on women, studies on the effects on work and traditional women's roles and even on singlehood- all of which affect most women. it's only because sexuality is such a controversial issue that it had greater public visibility than other issues. there's a need to separate personal affliations like religion if one joins a secular organisation like aware.

4. pro-family policies scare me.

5. press conferences which don't include all exco members are unhelpful.
+ 3 weeks of silence? BAD crisis management.

6. more professionalism please! what's with the drama of barging into the room and screaming "i was not informed!". we GET that there's injustice done here but PLEASE exert more decorum.

basically, i'm just so annoyed by both sides. it would help if these women actually ACTED like the GROWN SMART women that they all obviously are and sit down TOGETHER and LISTEN to each other, rather than accuse defensively "you have some personal agenda against us". i say give the new team a chance BUT if they do work that's against Aware's main aim, then by all means, call for an Extraordinary General Meeting & vote for no confidence. it's really quite premature to call for it now.

maybe the (insert 4-letter word) being so publicised is bringing out the worse in all of them.


watched Taboo yestd, which portrayed these 3 discriminated groups of individuals, based on their lifestyles (freegans), the caste system/socio-economic status (the "untouchables" like the rat catchers) and medical conditions (lepers). the episode was rich in sociological themes that i kept pointing them out to my sister like the nerd that i am, while she stared at me weirdly:

"Oooh. Freeganism! totally Marx's social change theory on communism- a classless state where they reject capitalism to achieve "species being" or meaningful self awareness & real human freedom. so cool la!"

the lepers & the rat-catchers made me cry though because it was based on social ignorance and fear that they are discriminated; totally beyond their control. the way they lived their lives and how they dealt with their circumstances was inspiring but also sad. i wish people would just stop and think. for the lepers, it's the medicalisation of the issue which makes it individualised and thus depolitisized. so there's no real authority to de-label them otherwise. for the rat catchers, it's in the interest of the brahmins and other higher classes to keep the status quo the way it is (and they have the power & authority to do it) which is why the caste system is so rigid, no social mobility.

it's sad. and unfair. but perhaps education may be the answer to all of it. however, it does come with unforeseen consequences. the rat catcher & leper fearing that their educated children would leave them for higher status, for a better life, is just one of them.

but we must hope.

can't wait for next week's episode. it's about the issues of sexuality, featuring my personal favourites: the Hijras. really interesting people where their acceptance is based on the social role that they have in the society.

i heart sociology.

honesty is the best policy